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Steinway reorganizes band division

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Steinway Musical Instruments, Inc. has announced a reorganization of its band instrument division. Steinway will be combining its two band instrument manufacturers, the Selmer Company and United Musical Instruments, into one organization under the name Conn-Selmer, Inc.
Leading the management team of Conn-Selmer will be Thomas Burzycki (President), Robert Palmer (Executive Vice President, Operations), Michael Vickrey (Executive Vice President, Finance & Administration), Edward Chesko (Vice President, Band Manufacturing), John Creachbaum (Vice President, Marketing), and Tabor Stamper (Vice President, Sales).
Dana Messina, CEO of Steinway Musical Instruments, commented, "The management teams of our band businesses have been working cooperatively for over two years. By operating under one organizational structure, they will make even further progress capitalizing on synergies and implementing the best practices of the two companies. We will have an even greater impact in the musical instrument market as Conn-Selmer."
Conn-Selmer will continue to offer instruments and accessories under two sales groups. The C.G. Conn group, formerly United Musical Instruments, will continue to offer Armstrong, Artley, Benge, C.G. Conn, King and Scherl & Roth products. The Selmer group will promote Bach, Buescher, Emerson, Glaesel, Wm. Lewis & Son, Ludwig, Musser, and Selmer products.
Tabor Stamper explained, "Dealers for each brand group should see little difference with the new organization, and brand promotion to educators and consumers will be strengthened. Existing sales forces will remain intact. Dennis Guillaume will manage the C.G. Conn group, while Gordon Curtis and Neil Stewart will continue to head the Selmer group."
The C.G. Conn name was chosen for the UMI product group because of its importance in band instrument manufacturing and development for over a century. Tom Burzycki said, "The name has wide international appeal, and recent developments in saxophones, trumpets, trombones, French horns, tubas and sousaphones continue this legacy of innovation. In addition, the name Selmer has been recognized for its high quality professional and student instruments for over eighty years. While these two brands represent the flagships of our brand equity, every other brand in the Conn-Selmer group has unique qualities which we will continue to foster."
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