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Phat Foot keeps bass drum and hi-hat in place

"For over 40 years, I've seen drummers chase their drums and pull them back into place while performing," says Clay Drayton, "I wondered, "Why isn't there a piece of hardware to secure the drum?" So Drayton invented Phat Foot, a drum accessory designed to allow any drummer to simply stabilize the movement of the bass drum by anchoring the drum seat to the pedal.
Phat Foot solves the problem of the bass drum & hi-hat sliding out of place created by the force of the drummer's foot kicking the pedal. It stabilizes the movement of the bass drum/hat by harnessing and anchoring the drum seat to the drum/hat pedal which is attached to the drum/hat linking all three into one solid and complete unit.
The Phat Foot Drum Harness is attached to the bottom of the bass drum or hi-hat pedal. Once attached, the open end of the Phat Foot Drum Harness is placed around a leg of the stool.
Made of either heavy duty Nylon plastic or stainless steel, the Phat Foot Drum Harness is light weight, and easy to transport. The circular cup of the Phat Foot allows easy rotation to adjust positioning. Since more then one can be used on your stool, you can use two for either a double bass drum kit, or a bass drum and a high hat kit.
For those musicians who travel on commercial airlines, you try to avoid excess charges for going over the weight and size limits. Phat Foot is 16 inches long, weighs less than 1 pound and fits in the drum stick bag.
Phat Foot's formal debut will be at the NAMM Show in Anaheim, California, in January, 2005.
Phat Foot in use
12/2004 Pro-Music-News
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