Eurosonic and Noorderslag in January 2001

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Over 70 bands, acts and DJs have been confirmed for the 5 and 6 January edition of Eurosonic/Noorderslag, the annual European Showcase festival that takes place in the city of Groningen to the north of the Netherlands. Signalling the trend that European music is getting more and more attention across borders, Eurosonic/Noorderslag presents upcoming European bands to audience, professionals and media in an event that also serves as a business forum for the international live music industry. For the third year in a row, Eurosonic/Noorderslag is broadcast to the network of the European Broadcasting Union, creating an audience of millions.
With the presence of both The Network - a platform for independent agents from all over Europe - and Yourope - an association of all main European festivals - the event boasts an audience of key movers and shakers in the European live music industry. For audience and media Eurosonic/Noorderslag is an oasis of new talent. Over 1200 professional participants will be taking part in EuroSonic/Noorderslag.
A sold out event tor three years, Eurosonic is The European Showcase Festival that takes place in twelve locations throughout the city center of Groningen. With venues, varying in capacity from 150 to 1000, the festival lets upcoming European rock, Pop and dance acts show their stuff to the European music industry, an open minded audience and a large media contingent. With unlimited opening hours and relaxed vibes of university-town Groningen, all EuroSonic venues are situated within a five minutes walk from each other.
Confirmed artists so far:
DJ Hans Nieswandt (Ladomat/Rough Trade, D) Mauro (PIAS, B) Benjamin B (Exelsior, NL)
Favez (Stick sister/Sonic Rendezvous, CH) Mickey 3D (Virgin, F) Spitball (SMART/Sony, NL)
Bluefish (Go 1st Suburban, NL) Monsoon (BMG, B) The Ark (Virgin, S)
Arling & Cameron (Drive-inn/PIAS, NL) DJ Palotai (H) Pale (Suburban, NL)
Burnouts (Voices of Wonder/Suburban, DK) Das Pop (PIAS B) Yuppy Flu (Doxa/Bang!, I)
 Praga Khan (Antler/Subway/EMI, B) Psycho Path (Slov) JJ72 (Epic/Sony, Irl)
Ray Wonder (NoNS/Suburban, S) The Gift (BMG, P) Cooper (Suburban NL)
Glorybox (Sally Forth Reords, DK) Roel Esseboom (NL) maX (Universal, NL)
Hell On Wheels (NoNS/Suburban, S) SM Mongstad (DK) Publo Hunny (Warner, H)
Hooverphonic (Columbia/Sony, B) Miraque (Myro, I) Novastar (Warner, B)
Silverbullit, (NoNS/Suburban, S) Miles (V2, D) Djoloff (Emma/Universal F)
Kings of Convenience (Source/Virgin, N) Thou (PIAS, B) Phoenix (Source/Virgin, F)
Kitbuilders (Vertical Obsession, D) Lemonator (Fin) Tomas Rusial (Universal, S)
Tom Helsen (B-Track/Zomba, B) X-Select (Mold) Liquid Harmony(CZ)
Last Days of April (Bad Taste/Sonic Rendezvous, S) Ygdrassil (Pink, NL) Young Gods (Intoxygene, CH)
Low Density Corporation (Lux) Liquido (Virqin, D) Bent (PIAS, UK)

A sold out event since the early days of humanity, Noorderslag festival on Saturday 6 January 2001 in De Oosterpoort shows the new breed of Dutch rock, pop and dance rnusic in full swing. Highly publicised and broadcast live on national Radio 3FM, close to 40 acts perform on eight stages under one roof. With the presentation of the prestigious Dutch Pop Award as extra media event Noorderslag brings you in touch with the new sounds from the Netherlands.

Confirmed are:
Green Lizard (Double T) Sat-R-Day (Dino) The Apers
Gea Russell & Company  Bauer (Partners In Crime) Spy-Fi
Amsterdam Klezmer Band  Laidback Luke (Labels/Virgin) Brainpower (PIAS)
Dreadlock Pussy (Zomba) Beef (Partners in Crime) Incense
Merry Pierce (Zormba) Bastian (DJ Therapy/Virgin) Luie Hond
Dyzack (Universal)  Seedling (Transformed Dreams) Twarres (EMI)
De gekste N.U.A. (DJAX) Within' Temptation (DSFA) Wicky 
Feverdream (Transformed Dreams) The Wounded (Zomba) The Proov (Dureco)
Flemming (Warner) Zuco 103 (Crammed Disc) Racoon (Sony)
DJ Funkabine Remy Gail of God

Another sold out event at January 5 and 6:
Noorderslag Seminar is the annual meet and greet place for the Dutch and European music industry to get together, renew old contacts, acquire new ones and discuss new developments. Bringing the entire Dutch music industry together for over 30 Dutch language panels, an English spoken panel program caters the international crowd.  Topics are:
- crowd management & safety at festivals
- European Radio
- indies as mini-majors
- Demo panel
- European tax issues
- Music trends across Europe
- dotcom companies as A&R units
Special features of Noorderslag include - invitation only - meeting by The Network and Yourope and two trade dinners.

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