Magazine hacked and destroyed

In 2002 pro-music-news published news about to go live later that year. In January 2004 we received Rod Underhill's email: "We are hacked and totallly destroyed!"

Original News of 2002:

Rod Underhill, a member of the original founder's group and's former founding music director, and design guru Michael Danke, have announced that, an internet music and general entertainment destination, has opened its doors to the musicians.
While hundreds of thousands of artists have placed their music on various online destinations with liberal "open door" acceptance policies,'s swift yet secure approval process will ensure that the public can easily locate the very best free music available on the Internet. will not dilute the quality of its content for the sake of quantity., Inc. CEO, Rod Underhill, remarked, "There are more than a million songs available on the Internet. We intend to pan for the gold among all that muck. A commitment to quality is long overdue in the internet music space. Fans of independent music deserve the enhanced listening experience and sponsors will appreciate backing a superior product."
"The concepts behind our Music Division is simply one part of our overall plan to refine the concept of online entertainment," mentioned, Inc. President Michael Danke. "We intend to breathe new life into both music and interactive entertainment. A year of research and development has gone into the creation of what will be nothing less than a major online theme park. Artists now have an opportunity to join us as we reinvent the online distribution of high quality independent music."
01/2004 Pro-Music-News
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