Reggae label DEB Music is back to life again

UK's prestigious reggae label DEB Music is finally coming back to life after 25 years of silence. DEB Music was originally started as a venture between D.E.B. Music (by Dennis Emanuel Brown) and Morpheus (by Castro Brown) in 1977. During a very short period of time, DEB Music produced numerous hits including 'Man Next Door' (Dennis Brown), 'Armed Robbery' (Junior Delgado), 'Emotion' (15-16-17) to just name a few.
In 2001, Sony Music Japan has re-issued few volumes of DEB Music's Lovers Rock compilation albums produced by Castro Brown, which include tracks like 'Girls Imagination' (15-16-17), 'You Never Know What You've Got' (Me & You), 'La La Means I Love You' (Alton Ellis), 'Don't Let It Go To Your Head' (Black Harmony). Finally, DEB Music has decided to re-issue all of their back catalogues on its original label.
The label has gone to a great extend to ensure the quality of products. Original artwork for sleeves and labels are used for this official release. DEB will also release unreleased singles and albums. Castro Brown proudly states that all products are manufactured on the highest quality.
The first official release begins in December 2004.
11/2004 Pro-Music-News
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