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Become a virtual rock giant with 'Rising Star'

Shady O' Grady's Rising Star is a fresh take on the computer RPG scene. Lead your ragtag band of adventurers/rebels/used car salesmen and defeat the evil dracolich/sentient evil computer/Girls Scouts of America.
A musical single-player RPG, Shady O' Grady's Rising Star is all about creating the perfect band and clawing your way to the top of the musical food chain, proving to the rest of the musical world that you are indeed hot. Over the course of your career songs will be written, bandmates kicked to the curb, and hotels will be trashed. You'll travel the American roadways, enjoying the debauchery of bars and clubs, rocking out in studios, checking out the latest tracks at music stores, and living the life you've always dreamed of. Best of all, when you're traveling across the country in a single van packed with band members and equipment you won't have to deal with the stench, unlike in real life.
Even if rock isn't your thing Shady O' Grady's Rising Star features enough musical genres that practically everyone will find something to enjoy. Players can try their hand at blues, country, folk, jazz, metal, pop, punk, rap, rock, and ska. A typical career will run about twenty hours of gameplay, but thanks to the variety of open-ended choices no two games ever have to play the same way.
Equipment can be added, existing equipment modified, maps can be changed, new MP3s can be imported, and more.
Shady O' Grady's Rising Star is available for pre-order until August 15, 2006, at a specially discounted pre-order price.
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