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Neumann celebrates 80th Anniversary and gives away three TLM 67

In the late twenties of the 20th century the so called 'Neumann bottle' quickly became the standard microphone in many recording and broadcasting studios. Over the last eight centuries artists all over over the world have been using Neumann products to record their music. Now the Berlin based manufacturer of high-grade microphones claims itself to be 'The Voice of Music History'.
From A like Bryan Adams to Z like Frank Zappa, each decade has had its great stars and big hits, the majority of which were produced using Neumann products. This has inspired the company to bring music history back to life with a special series of illustrations. From the swinging 50s, all through the colourful 70s and into the 21st century, Neumann products always have been described as the first class of microphones by many music producers all over the world.
Celebrating its 80th anniversary, Neumann also introduces a competition which you can enter by answering questions about music history at the company's website. The main prizes are three brand new TLM 67 which was unveiled at AES in May 2008 in Amsterdam.
The name of the TLM 67 is no coincidence, in many respects, the TLM 67 is based on the “workhorse” of the 1960s, the legendary U 67. Like the U 67, the TLM 67 incorporates the K 67 capsule. In addition, the special new circuit design closely reproduces the sound characteristics of the classic U 67, without the use of tubes. Similar Neumann circuit technology has already proved very successful in the TLM 49.
The TLM 67 is extremely versatile. Its three switchable directional characteristics (omnidirectional, cardioid and figure-8), selectable 10 dB pre-attenuation, and high-pass filter permit detailed adjustments to be made depending upon the specific recording situation.
The TLM 67 introduces a novel Neumann dual-color design, the pearl-gray of the microphone body combined with the classic Neumann nickel. On the occasion of its 80th anniversary, the Neumann company is honoring its founder, Georg Neumann, with a three-dimensional metal emblem on the front of the TLM 67.
Wolfgang Fraissinet, President of Marketing/Sales at Neumann Berlin explains, “The design and circuit technology of the TLM 67 represent a contemporary development of the U 67, conveying its positive attributes to the present era.”
Neumann Berlin bringt Illustrationen zur Musikgeschichte heraus
Neumann TLM 67
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