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York introduces two new Eminence models at Musikmesse 2008 in Frankfurt

York Eminence 4052 Euphonium The musical instrument manufacturer Schreiber & Keilwerth introduced new York brass instruments at Musikmesse 2008 in Frankfurt. One year after the launch of the York brand, both York series are well-established. Internationally renowned artists like the Black Dyke Band, David Childs, and Richard Marshall are endorsing York instruments and performed at Musikmesse with that 'legendary British sound'.
The York Eminence Cornet 4027 features a trigger on the main tuning slide, modified leadpipe and bell, improved response thanks to a special process used on the instrument, black nickel plated applications. The York cornet 4027 has a smaller bore size than the 4028 cornet and a more focused, controlled sound for section players and soloists alike.
The York Eminence Euphonium 4051 is designed to be a top model for professional musicians with the highest expectations. It features a trigger on the main tuning slide, recalibrated leadpipe dimensions, modified bell, sound optimized body, black nickel plated trigger system, and black nickel plated valve caps and touch pieces. Because of its smaller bell the model 4051 has a more focused and controllable response than the model 4052.
York Eminence cornet
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