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Leblanc professional clarinets designed by Backun

Three new professional clarinets in the Leblanc line represent historic innovations in clarinet design. The new Leblanc instruments are a fusion of artistry, technology and passion, designed by Morrie Backun. Director of product development for Leblanc professional clarinets, Backun is one of the most respected woodwind designers and technicians in the world today. He has worked with clients that include Ricardo Morales, David Shifrin, Eddie Daniels, James Campbell, Howard Klug, Julian Bliss, Sabine Meyer, Alessandro Carbonare, Wenzel Fuchs, Jessica Phillips, Larry Combs, and other renowned clarinetists.
The flagship of the new line is the Leblanc Legacy, available in the keys of Bb (model LB110B) and A (model LB115A). The Legacy design features an aged and highly figured grenadilla body with undercut, integral tone holes and two specially crafted Traditional Backun bells in both grenadilla and cocobolo woods. Both bells include Backun’s signature wooden tenon ring. While grenadilla is the traditional wood of choice, a large number of players prefer cocobolo bells as these offer a warm, rich tone that does not sacrifice projection of sound.
Backun Traditional grenadilla and cocobolo barrels are both featured, as well. The wood-ringed barrels vibrate freely, giving the player a warm, resonant response with great articulation and superior tuning.
Balanced key suspension, 24K gold plated register and thumb tubes, post pivot locking screws, six adjustable key points, and other exclusive features offer players the best way to express their individuality.
The Legacy is cradled in a deluxe French "pouchette" style double case, for Bb and A, with case cover. In addition to this, a handcrafted wooden case with hygrometric vents is included for the finest care of your reeds. No mouthpiece set-up is provided.
The Leblanc Symphonie, available in both Bb (LB120B) and A (LB125A), is a tribute to tradition, incorporating the best design features of the past and present, with an innovative look to the future of clarinet performance. Like the Legacy, the Symphonie features an aged and highly figured grenadilla body with undercut, integral tone holes and Backun Ringless cocobolo and grenadilla barrels. The Backun Traditional cocobolo bell provides for a warm, rich tone without sacrificing projection. The keywork is very similar to that of the Legacy, as well, but with fewer locking screws and adjustments. Both models are carried in a professional BAM backpack case, with no mouthpiece set-up.
The Cadenza Bb clarinet (LB130) is the first step towards artistic excellence. Sharing similar acoustical designs as the Legacy and Symphonie, the Cadenza offers incredible value and performance. The grenadilla instrument features two Backun Ringless barrels in cocobolo and grenadilla. The balanced key suspension offers fewer adjustment points, while the locking, custom tapered pivot screws provide excellent stability to the mechanism. The outfit includes a compact backpack case and a Leblanc Cadenza hard rubber mouthpiece with a Bonade inverted silver ligature and cap.
Leblanc professional clarinet flgship model Legacy
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