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Conn-Selmer introduces the pBone Mini for the beginning player

Jiggs pBone Orange Following the introduction of the colourful Jiggs pBone, Conn-Selmer launched the pbone mini, specially designed for the young, beginner player exploring the world of brass at Winter NAMM 2013. It is a fully functioning, plastic, pitched in Eb trombone and a fun, cost effective introduction to the world of alto trombones.
This incredibly light and durable instrument with its special mouthpiece positively encourages young players from their first few notes played, due to the great sound and useful working range they can develop quickly. “We created the special pBone mini beginner mouthpiece for 5, 6 and 7 year olds who are having their first experience of brass instruments,” stated Chris Fower, Managing Director of pBone in a recent interview. He goes on to say, “One of the things we found in research was that with small kids it’s hard for them to generate air pressure and lip tension to cross harmonics up to a concert Bb from an Eb.” The pBone mini was designed with young lips in mind and is smaller than any other modern trombone mouthpiece. It is versatile with any small shank mouthpiece as well, so it is easily added to any jazz instrument collection. The pBone mini has seven full positions and a great first octave.
The pBone mini is available in Blue and Red. The Jiggs pBone is available in seven colour varieties: Orange (new!), Red, Blue, Yellow, Green, White and Purple. Both versions come with a bag and strap.
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