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Keilwerth & Schreiber introduces its latest W. Schreiber Boehm clarinet model 6025.

German manufacturer Keilwerth & Schreiber introduces its latest W. Schreiber Boehm clarinet model 6025. Instrument, mouthpiece and reeds are made in Germany.
Over 50 years experience of making clarinets has gone into the new wooden clarinet model 6025. High-grade grenadilla wood, perfectly seasoned and protected thanks to special processing techniques which are used to make this beautiful clarinet. Computer-controlled machinery guarantees a highly precise making of the instrument which provides top class intonation throughout all registers and convinces both beginners and ambitious musicians alike. Special bore drilling, re-positioned register key and high quality mouthpiece ensure best intonation. High-grade leather pads provide perfect air-tightness and a warm, dark sound.
The model 6025 Bb clarinet is tuned to A442, it features 17/18 keys and 6 silver-plated rings - also available as model 6026 with Eb-lever. Nickel silver keywork with ultra-robust silver-plating and ergonomic key design provide durability and high playing comfort. The thumb rest with neck strap fixture is particularly suitable for young or small players The body made from carefully selected and dried grenadilla wood with natural surface look and durable functioning of the mechanism comes with a five year warrranty against cracking.
The W. Schreiber 6025 clarinet comes in a quality case with carrying-strap and large accessory site pouch. Comprehensive accessories including pull-through swab, grease stick, maintenance leaflet and fingering chart.
W. Schreiber clarinet 6025
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