Weril expands product range with piccolo trumpet, soprano sax and tenor trombone

At Musikmesse Frankfurt 2004 Brazilian manufacturer Weril introduced new instruments including a soprano saxophone, a piccolo trumpet and a G. Gagliardi trombone.
The G.Gagliardi GG 72 tenor model in Bb has a one-piece bell of 203 mm in yellow brass with lacquered, nickel-plated, silver-plated, gold-plated or colored finishing options. The instrument comes with a wooden case and cleaning kit.
G. Gagliardi slide trombone by Weril
Weril´s Spectra II B flat soprano saxophone revives the timbre of instruments that were manufactured until the seventies incorporating the updated mechanical technology found in the Spectra II alto and tenor saxophone. Suitable for playing chorinho (a typical Brazilian music style) and pop music and designed to sound great when amplified, the Spectra II soprano completes Weril's saxophone line.
The Weril Piccolo trumpet has tuning in Sib/La, S 10.50 mm caliber and 94-mm bell The Weril Piccolo trumpet has tuning in Bb/A, S 11.50 mm bore and 100 mm bell. Like all instruments in Weril's trumpet and cornet line, it has been designed to provide balanced sound through its full range.
Unlike some piccolos, it is comfortable to play due to a greater distance between the pistons and the larger caliber. Suitable for playing the classic repertoire, mainly the baroque, the Weril Piccolo trumpet is equipped with four pistons, allowing for easier achievement of a greater extension on low notes. It has two lead pipes for tuning in A and Bb, and works with narrower mouth pieces like the ones used in cornets.
There is a choice of different finishes including a 24k gold plated version. 
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