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WO series replace Yanagisawas's 90x and 99x alto saxophone models

Yanagisawa WO10 Elite Model
For the first time in 20 years Yanagisawa introduced a new line of saxophones. The Yanagisawa WO Series of alto saxophones features two distinct lines – the Professional models (replacing the 90x models) and the Elite models (replacing the 99x Series). Both lines feature improvements in ergonomics such as a revised bore and several mechanical improvements as well as a new source of brass alloys.
For smoother blow and precise intonation Yanagasiwa reengineered the tube and the tone holes. The front F key was redesigned for improved fingering, additional feet under the right keys Bb, C and high E provide a better touch, and the pinky key angle was changed for better fingering.
Previously only available on the 99 series, the A-WO1 and the A-WO2 feature a palm key plate on all models for additional high range resonance, acoustic depth and projection across all registers, and local stability. A-WO1 and A-WO2 have an additional plate on the neck for the tightening of the sound.
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