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Forte clarinet features many improvements

The Forte clarinet is an instrument designed with the student in mind, and built to facilitate rapid growth in all areas of technique. Its intonation and tone quality are suitable for very mature ensembles.
The Forte clarinet fatures hand finished ABS resin body, nickel plated nickel-silver and bronze alloy keys, French blued-steel springs, Italian white kid leather waterproof pads, undercut tone holes, .575" polycylindrical bore, pin style nylon lever joint connectors, adjustable thumb rest and all natural tenon and key corks.
When assembling the instrument, it is easy to "jam" the bridge key mechanism, causing mechanical problems, or even failure. Forte's "No-Jam" Bridge Key allows for less maintenance and a more reliable mechanism. This eliminates the need to depress any rings during assembly.
Sculpted ergonomic register and throat "A" key spatulas were designed to more easily facilitate complicated passages for smaller hands, and foster correct left hand position and curvature.
Overcoming the bending of the low "E" rod and the bending of the side trill keys, Forte clarinets feature custom bracings for these critical areas that will prevent the keys from shifting.
Providing a rich mature tone quality, excellent intonation and a responsiveness that aids in the development of air support for the student musician, the free-blowing custom designed barrel is based on the Moennig barrel bore.
The instrument comes with a Gennusa professinal quality mouthpiece with medium tip opening.
The Forte clarinet features enhanced design
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