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3000 series flutes by W. Schreiber & Söhne

At the International Music Fair 2005 in Frankfurt woodwind instrument manufacturer W. Schreiber & Söhne unveiled its 3000 series flutes. There are 4 different models: nickel silver body with solid silver head joint, optional with or without E-mechanism (WS 3310 and WS 3320) and solid silver body and head joint, optional with or without E-mechanism (WS 3410 und 3420).
The new line of flutes featuring an innovative design offers many advantages such as new head joint and lip plate, cups and cup arms that are milled in one piece, and ergonomically positioned key cups with offset G. The Schreiber 3000 series flutes are equipped with Cooper head and Cooper scale.
Using only high quality materials, Schreiber flutes are made in Markneukirchen/ Vogtland, Germany. The use of the latest in modern technology combined with traditional craftsmanship provides a high quality standard. Schreiber 3000 series flutes are available through authorised retailers.
Schreiber flute model 3320
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