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Olds to launch new line-up of pro jazz saxophones

pro jazz baritone saxophone by FE Olds Unveiled at winter Namm show 2006, FE Olds' new range of professional jazz saxophones was also showcased at Musikmesse Frankfurt, Germany.
The new line-up of Olds professional jazz saxophones was designed to meet the highest expectations of on-stage and studio musicians. The Alto, Tenor and Baritone saxes have 'true/honest' large bell design specs which start at the bow/bell collar connection and taper to the large bell size. The bell is not just 'spread' wider at the rim but an entirely redesigned bell section. This engineering method assures a minimum of turbulence, optimum projection with free air flow in every register. The alto features a graduated 5.32" bell and the tenor a 6.26" bell.
All pad heights are measured meticulously and leveled flush to the depth of each key cup resulting in a positive tactile feel of key arm travel. With key cup double arms on these models on lower bell tone notes, Olds promises a new level of positive digital action plus a solid responsive feel with every finger tip motion.
The alto and tenor saxophones are made of newly formulated alloys. The body, bell and neck are 86 % copper alloy producing a full dark sound with just enough edge to cut through most venues. Heat treated needle springs are standard and the left hand plateau pinky keys are ergonomically designed for smoother action. Adjustment screws have been added on the F, E, and D keys. Finest quality Mother of Pearl buttons give these horns a rich look.
The Baritone Saxophone long key rods are machined from solid nickel silver for added strength and positive key cup closure. Sculptured double key arms on the low bell keys further enhance the crisp action and eliminate spongy pad closures. Firmer and thinner custom Italian pads have been chosen to further enhance key cup/arm closure. The graduated 7.48" bell on the baritone uses the same design principles as the alto and tenor models.
The Straight one piece drawn tube Soprano Saxophone offers unique retro features reminiscent of the 30s and 40s with post-to-body construction which allow this free blowing instrument to better resonate and respond. For optimum peformance the soprano features five newly designed adjustment screws, brass key stops, drawn nickel silver rods for positive action and heat treated needle springs.
Pro jazz alto sax by FE Olds
pro jazz tenor saxophone by FE Olds
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