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Rico improves the Reed Vitalizer

The Rico Reed Vitalizer has made a name for itself as one of the top reed storage devices. At winter Namm 2006 in Anaheim Rico announced an improved Reed Vitalizer with some design modifications that further enhance its most attractive features.
The Reed Vitalizer control bag has been resized, and the smaller dimensions allow it to more easily fit inside instrument cases. The humidity control packs are now packaged in a special foil wrapper that lengthens their shelf life and ensures that they’re always ready to go.
The Reed Vitalizer uses a patented Humidipak two-way humidity control system to self adjust in any climate, keeping the reeds inside at the perfect humidity ensuring that they play consistently from day to day. Reed Vitalizer control packs are available in three humidity levels (58%, 73%, and 84%) for either storage or daily use, and prevent warpage, keeping reed tips flat. Each control pack lasts between 45 and 60 days and are simply replaced when they become hard. Each control bag comes with one control pack and replacement control packs are available in single refills.
“Woodwind musicians know that the same reed can perform differently from day to day,” remarks Rico Brand Manager Robert Polan. “Storing reeds in the Reed Vitalizer ends that. A reed stored in the Reed Vitalizer will play consistently from day to day. It’s an immense improvement for players and our new design modifications make the Reed Vitalizer even more handy to have around. It’s quickly becoming an indispensable part of woodwind players’ gear.”
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