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Conn launches lubricants promoting child safety

In response to federal guidelines, Conn-Selmer has introduced its C.G. Conn line of brass instrument lubricating oils in new child-resistant containers. C.G. Conn valve oil slide oil, and bore oil each features a special washer/cap combination that prevents very young children from ingesting the product.
The Consumer Products Safety Commission is also requiring child-resistant packaging for household products such as baby oil, suntan oil, nail polish and some gasoline additives. At least five children have died from ingesting products such as these that contain hydrocarbons. The oil in the products coats the lungs and causes tissue damage. The children did not die from poisoning but from chemical pneumonia.
“While these incidents are small in number, we want to comply with the safety regulations and provide our dealers with products they know to be the safest on the market,” said Lori Szczypiorski, accessory manager for Conn-Selmer. “This upgrade is part of our continual improvement efforts going on in all areas of the company.”
The Consumer Products Safety Commission did not issue a recall on these products without childproof caps, but did recommend that consumers practice safety in keeping these oils out of the reach of children or just throwing them away.
C.G.Conn's child-resistant oil packages
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