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Selmer unveils LaVoix curved soprano saxophone

Conn-Selmer introduces the Selmer LaVoix model CS220 soprano saxophone. The new curved model carries the legacy of a long line of saxophone greats and is designed as a mid-priced instrument worthy of the name Selmer.
The Selmer LaVoix model CS220 features a yellow brass neck, body, bell and bow with clear lacquered keys. A similar model (CS220B) is available with a black nickel plated body. The neck opening is aerodynamically tapered to reduce resistance. Keys include a high F#, tear drop shaped front F key spatula for easy reach and individually mounted left hand palm keys.
Other features include an adjustable thumb rest, sculptured key guards with adjustable bumpers, metal pad retainers/boosters on the lower stack and bell keys; tilting Bb, and low Eb and C key spatulas; and articulated low C# adjusting screw.
The outfit includes a professional hard rubber mouthpiece with premium Gonzalez reed, Trek-style case and accessories.
Selmer LaVoix soprano saxophone CS220
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