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Schreiber & Keilwerth appointed distributor of AW Reeds

As of April 2007 Schreiber & Keilwerth is exclusively distributing AW Reeds, professional reeds for clarinets (German and Boehm system) and saxophones of unmatched consistency and quality.
AW-Reeds was established by the clarinet players Prof. Martin Spangenberg, (Franz-Liszt Music Academy Weimar; Munich Philharmonics) and Alexander Willscher (Nuremberg Symphony) together with Hermannn Uhl. Special CNC milling machines and software were developed to ensure absolute accuracy in the production and thus an invariably high quality standard. This method is deemed a quantum leap in the making of reeds. AW-Reeds are made of the best material exclusively in Germany.
AW-Reeds reeds are played by Prof. Ulf Rodenhaeuser (Music Academy Munich, former solo clarinettist at the Berlin Philharmonics), Albert Osterhammer (Munich Philharmonics), Prof. Rainer Wehle (Music Academy Luebeck, Munich Philharmonics, Radio Philharmonics NDR) and Prof. Alois Brandhofer (Mozarteum Salzburg, former solo clarinettist at the Berlin Philharmonics).
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