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Conn-Selmer ships improved student oboes

After a multi-year effort to redesign Selmer student oboes, Conn-Selmer announces that new quality improvements are fully integrated into current shipments to dealers. “Our double reed experts have been hard at work raising the level of all key work on all of our oboe models,” said Steve Nelson, Director of Marketing for Double Reeds. “Using key investment casting methodology, the new key work is very consistent, stable and reliable, with instruments that hold their adjustment much better than most available models.”
Another key focus for Selmer has been in the area of pitch improvement. Competitive analysis has shown that individual note pitch variances are 25% more accurate on the Selmer oboes than many oboe models currently available. Utilizing modern bore dimensions, as well as identifying improved tone hole dimensions and locations, Conn-Selmer provides oboes to student and intermediate players that help them achieve a higher level of success faster and easier than ever before.
Selmer oboe models range from the 1492B resonated basic conservatory model (also available to low Bb with the left hand F key) to the popular 101 grenadilla full conservatory model with fork F resonance, Ab-Bb trill, G#-A trill, double ring D#-E and left-hand C-D trill, auxiliary C, double ring B-C# trill, left-hand F key. A total of eight Selmer oboes models are available, all made in the U.S.
Selmer ships improved student oboes
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