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Conn-Selmer introduces Avanti flutes designed by Bickford Brannen

Blickford Brennan designed Avanti step-up flutes Designed by Bickford Brannen, founder of the Brannen Bros. Flutemakers, Conn-Selmer announces the introduction of the new Avanti step-up flutes. The flutes are crafted in the company’s Elkhart, Indiana woodwind facility where flute making is a legacy. Flute craftsmen, including Bickford Brannen himself, have been creating flutes in this facility under the Armstrong and Armstrong Heritage names for many years. Emerson flutes, including the famous Boston Legacy, have been crafted there as well. More recently, Bickford Brannen has been involved in the development of Avanti flutes in the Elkhart shop.
Two models of Avanti flutes are available, each with a number of options. Both models feature a Sterling silver Avanti-Brannen headjoint. Designed by Bickford Brannen, the Avanti-Brannen headjoint makes the characteristic Brannen sound more accessible to the developing flutist. Hand-cut by highly skilled craftsmen in the Elkhart shop, each headjoint is crafted in a “sound-driven” process and is approved by Blickford Brannen.
The model 2000 also features Sterling silver body and footjoint tubing and a sterling silver barrel and receiver. This is an unusual feature for step-up flutes, as most flutes at this level use barrels and receivers made of non-precious metals. This model also features a silver plated mechanism and 10K gold springs set for light and quick action. The model 1000 is identical, except that it features silver-plated body and footjoint tubing as well as steel springs.
Bickford Brannen is an iconic figure in the development of the modern flute. He began his apprenticeship as a hand made flutemaker at the original Powell Flute Company in 1962. He then moved to Elkhart where he crafted Heritage flutes for the Armstrong Flute Company, returning to manage Powell Flutes in 1970. In 1978, Bickford Brannen formed his own hand made flute making company, Brannen Bros Flutemakers. For thirty years, Bickford Brannen has been on the cutting edge of professional flute development and is widely respected by both flute makes and flutists around the world. His keen interest in making the Brannen sound more accessible to developing flutists has brought him back as a design consultant to Conn-Selmer
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