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Tenor trombone B&S Stolzing MS14K launched at Musikmesse 2008

Introducing the new Meistersinge line of premium trombones, B&S launched the tenor trombone B&S Stolzing MS14K at Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008. The instrument was develeoped in close cooperation with acknowledged professional Carl Lenthe, trombone professor at the famous Indiana University Music School in USA. Before that he played solo-trombone at the German Bamberg Symphony Orchestra and the Bavarian State Opera in Munich. 'Stolzing' is a character in one of Richard Wagner’s operas which Carl Lenthe often played at the Bavarian State Opera: The young gentleman Walther von Stolzing takes part in a singer contest to win over the beautiful lady Eva. Thanks to his beautifully voice, he unexpectedly wins the contest and eventually marries Eva.
All B&S Stolzing trombones feature a red-brass bell. The models MS14K (Bb/F trombone) and MS1K (Bb-trombone) feature the famous German nickel silver bell-garland (.098“broad). The chosen materials support the instrument's warm, centered and full sound which is versatile enough to match both sound-worlds, the traditional German with the international one.
A compact open wrap-design, asymmetrical “accelerator” bows (main and tuning slide) and mellow valve ports result in an exceptionally responsive and free blowing instrument. Due to the reduced length it balances well and is especially easy to handle. As an option, the B&S Stolzing trombone can be equipped with a completely new designed German water key which is working absolutely noiseless.
The lacquered B&S Bb/F-trombone Meistersinger model Stolzing MS14K features include a slide-bore of 0.547”, bore f-attachement of 0.571”, hand hammered one piece red brass bell with a diameter of Ø 9.055", yellow brass lead pipe, asymmetrical main tuning and f-attachment bows, spring guided 3B linkage system, gold brass outer slides, nickel silver accelerator slide bow, and a standard water key. It comes in case with backpack straps.
B&S Bb/F-trombone Meistersinger model Stolzing MS14 is the same Model as MS14K without silver garland, model Stolzing MS1K has no f-attachement and silver garland. B&S Bb-trombone Meistersinger model "Stolzing“ MS1 is the same model as MS1K without silver garland.
Options include extended carbon water key and long cork barrels.
Stolzing premium-trombone in the new Meistersinger series
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