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Buffet Crampon introduces two series of saxophones at Musikmesse 2008

Buffet Crampon 400 tenor and alto saxophones At Musikmesse Frankfurt 2008 Buffet Crampon announced the relaunch of its tradition as saxophone manufacturer with the introduction of two new ranges. The 400 Series is designed for the advanced student as well as for the professional saxophone player. Alto and tenor models are available in either antique brass/matte or gold lacquer finish, while the baritone features a gold lacquer finish. The 400 Series saxophones are meticulously hand-engraved and assembled for the highest level of quality and craftmanship. With keywork up to high F# (baritone range to low A) and exceptional response in the upper and lower registers, the 400 Series saxophones provide even response and intonation and a balance of tonal qualities for jazz or classical performance.
Introducing the 100 Series alto and tenor saxophones Buffet Crampon establishes a new benchmark for student instruments. Incorporating many of the features of the 400 series, the 100 Series saxophones provide students with affordable quality. The 100 series provides consistent intonation and easy response, a centred tone and range to high F#.
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