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Calzone and LaPlaca launch a new range of flight cases for band instruments

solid flight case keeps your valuable instrument safe Joseph Calzone, President/CEO of Calzone Case Company of Connecticut and Peter LaPlaca, President/CEO of PJLA Music Sales & Marketing of Barrington, Illinois reached a formal agreement to launch a new line of flight cases for band instruments. Calzone/Anvil is the largest Flight case manufacturing firm in the USA and holds a secure position in the marketplace with their custom and standard flight cases for the Music Industry as well as other high profile electronic producers seeking both secure and convenient transport for their sensitive products.
“We continue to receive orders for woodwind and brasswind musical instruments from professional players, schools, military bands and traveling performing groups looking for in-transit protection for their valuable instruments”, stated Joe Calzone. “We can only produce these cases on a limited scale due to our existing focus on special projects and custom orders from companies seeking special designs that fit their specific needs. We recognize the size and demand for our cases generated within the professional and school music market, but up to now we have not been able to respond accordingly. Our new plans now include a complete line of Band Instrument cases designed for rugged/safe transport of most, if not all band instruments”.
Calzone and LaPlaca began their discussions in early 2007 to evaluate this market segment, with LaPlaca handling the marketing/sales side of the program and Calzone producing cases that will meet the needs of this business segment. “Joe and I have worked together in the past, and I am looking forward to this new exciting project. We both agree that little has been done in the market to supply the quality and range of flight cases for the Band Instrument performers. We plan to develop a complete family of Calzone/Anvil cases that will provide the safety and security sought after by traveling performers”. said LaPlaca. “Joe’s expertise in case design and manufacturing coupled with my years in the band instrument business is the ideal fit for this challenging opportunity”.
This new joint venture is planning to introduce a group of Flight Cases including combination cases for Alto/Tenor, Tenor/Soprano, Alto/Soprano Saxophones as well as Double-Triple Trumpet and Trumpet/Flugelhorn. Most of the larger cases will come equipped with wheels for easy transport and will be of the same distinctive design that has made Calzone/Anvil the true benchmark in the marketplace.
Distribution in the USA will be by appointment only and sold through a select group of retail music stores. Information/pricing and literature will be available in the Summer of 2008 and may be obtained by contacting Peter LaPlaca.
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