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Refined flutes and an alternative neck for alto sax by Yamaha

Musikmesse Frankfurt 2010, Germany, saw Yamaha introduce improved design on flute models YFL-A421 II and YFL-B441 II as well as the launche of an alternative neck for alto saxophone YAS-875EX.
The acclaimed alto and bass flute models YFL-A421 and YFL-B441 have been refined. Both instruments feature an improved headjoint for clearer response, resonance and richer tone. Besides that the bass flute facilitates an increased volume especially in the low range. The adjustment system adopted from Yamaha's professional flutes ensures improved stability of key adjustment.

With the V1 neck for Alto Saxophone YAS-875EX Yamaha offers a new alternative to the G1 neck. It facilitates the response and intonation of the higher register, especially high-F and -F#. While the playability is close to the G1 it yet accepts more air resulting in a wider and rounder sound. The V1 neck is available in gold lacquer, silver-plated and gold-plated.
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